Question: What are good dares for guys texting?

What is a dare question in text?

Truth or Dare Questions Over TextDo you currently have a crush on anyone?Describe what your crush looks like.What is your crushs personality like?Is there anything about your life you would change?Who do you hate, and why?Whats your biggest pet peeve?How many people have you kissed?Whats your biggest turn-on?More items •31 Jan 2021

What truths can you ask a boy?

Best truth questionsWhen was the last time you lied?When was the last time you cried?Whats your biggest fear?Whats your biggest fantasy?Do you have any fetishes?Whats something youre glad your mum doesnt know about you?Have you ever cheated on someone?Whats the worst thing youve ever done?More items •1 May 2020

What should I dare a girl over text?

More Good DaresWear all your clothing inside-out for an hour.Take a video of yourself drinking water like a dog.Fill your mouth full of water and say your full name. Call your crush and flirt with them.Dial a random number and make meaningless conversation for 2 minutes.Do 25 situps without stopping.More items •3 Jul 2021

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