Question: Does Ed Sheeran know Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheerans friendship timeline. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran started becoming close after he came to know that Taylor penned his lyrics on her arm during an American show in 2012. Ed had a quick meeting with Swifts manager later that year, that ultimately brought the two artists close as friends.

Is Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran still friends?

Despite both Swift and Sheerans careers taking off, they would continue to be friends, even showing up in each others Instagram posts from time to time. Sheeran even guested on another one of Swifts songs for her reputation album back in 2017 (via Republic World).

Did Taylor attend Ed Sheerans wedding?

Of course, there undoubtedly were many more stars in attendance, considering Eds circle of pals includes Taylor Swift, Elton John and Courteney Cox, just to name a few.

Is Taylor Swift the most successful artist?

Swift stands as one of the biggest and most successful musicians in the world, and she may be one of the only acts left who can all but be guaranteed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 the week following the release of something new. 1 on the Billboard 200, it became her ninth leader on the tally.

Was Harry Styles at Ed Sheerans wedding?

Ed Sheeran got married last year but had his big wedding ceremony yesterday in the UK. Both Taylor Swift AND Scooter Braun were both there - as was Harry Styles.

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