Question: Why are people from different social classes attracted to each other?

Can people of different social classes be friends?

So, yes people of different social groups can be friends.

How does social class influence friendships?

Here, we propose social class plays a key role in determining peoples internationalism. We found that people from higher social class countries (as indexed by GDP per capita) had lower levels of internationalism—that is, they made more friendships domestically than abroad.

Does money affect friendship?

“People dont like talking about money,” says the financial therapist Simonne Gnessen. “So rather than tackle a situation that is difficult, they say nothing, which can create conflict and break up friendships down the line.” The wealth gap also affects romantic relationships.

Are more numbers of friends better than of quality of friends?

You might have an impressive Insta following and a Facebook feed full of acquaintances but research has found that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to friendships and their impact on our wellbeing.

Do you lose friends when you become rich?

You dont lose your friend because of your wealthy but because of Ego show off of Wealth. Its possible that as you become wealthier, youll gain several friends for gain, but that youll keep your true friends.

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