Question: How often do you get matches on elite singles?

EliteSingles can serve up five new matches every day. The Have You Met feature puts profiles, with all their information, into a swipe-friendly, Tinder-style interface.

How do you get more matches on EliteSingles?

How can I increase my chances of being contacted?Complete your profile to 100%, including your interests. Your profile will be more interesting and will increase the likelihood of members contacting you. Add up to 24 photos to your gallery. Initiate contact with your matches. Be active and purchase a subscription.

What is the highest compatibility score on Elite Singles?

1 to 100 Once youve completed the questionnaire, Elite Singles pairs you with members based on a compatibility score of 1 to 100. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood of compatibility for serious dating, according to the Elite Singles algorithm.

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